Pact among free people

With this Pact, all the communities and persons who give them life, who have fought and who are fighting, each according to their own vocation, for the defense of the integrity and dignity of human beings, of their rights and freedoms, give each other mutual recognition, affirming each other’s irreplaceable value and uniqueness.

With this Pact, all the communities and persons who give them life, declare that they are ready, at any time and in any place, to provide mutual aid, as they are able. Even if only by a clear expression of closeness and human solidarity.

With this Pact, all the communities and persons who give them life, recognize the high moral and social significance of this agreement, declaring themselves ready to extend it to all persons and communities, present and future, moved by the same spirit, whose participation is considered fundamental in order to give life to a new organized community of human solidarity.

To join the pact please write to:

write only the name and the city